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Here are some of the latest scams and viruses that have affected our customers





If you think you have problems with your computer, bring it to us for a diagnosis


The phoney Microsoft Engineer

You may receive a telephone call from someone with an Indian accent, claiming to be calling on behalf of Microsoft security. The person will explain that they know you have serious errors on your computer and they need to fix them now before it's too late. They guide you into your computers' event log where you will see lots of little red crosses. (All computers generate these logs and the errors are normal and nothing to worry about).


Once you are convinced you have a problem, the person will then explain that their engineer will fix these errors. The price is around £97 through to £199 for doing so. If you agree, they will get you to download a program which gives them access to your computer. They then simply delete the log, therefore removing the errors, after you have paid of course. If you don't agree, they will call you constantly.


1. They do not work for Microsoft

2. They cannot see you have errors until you give them access to your computer

3. They are fixing nothing at all

4. They are breaking numerous laws and committing serious fraud on a large scale


How to deal with them

When they call, let them explain who they are. Then tell them that your local Police station have lent you some recording equipment and you are recording this conversation. At that point, they will either hang up or tell you they cannot proceed due to a technical error. needless to say, you shouldn't hear from them again.


If you are concerned about any errors on your computer then simply bring it in to us for a diagnosis on a possible solution,


Email scams currently circulating

The parcel scam

You receive an email stating that you have a parcel to be collected. If you click on the link your computer will be infected. An alternative email gives you a phone number to call to arrange delivery. If you call the number, you find it is a premium rate number costing up to £25 per minute !


PayPal scam

This email scam has been around for many years and many thousands of people have been caught out. The email looks like it's from PayPal, stating that your account has been compromised. The email is NOT genuine and by clicking on the email you will be asked to give away your user name and password. Do so and your account will be emptied, along with your bank account. If in doubt with any PayPal email, check into your account through your internet browser and forward the email to


Linkdin email scam

There are thousands of these circulating at the moment. They state you have messages in your Linkedin account. These are fake emails and contain viruses. Do not click on them, IF you do, before doing anything else get it seen to.


Computer locked by the police?

The UKash scam

Your computer will display a screen with the Metropolitan Police logo at the top of the page. The page states that your computer has been locked because you visited illegal websites. To release your computer you have to pay a fine (usually £100). This is a cash generating scam


Unlocking your computer

Unfortunately, most people will be unable to unlock their computer and remove this virus program. At Excel Computer Solutions we are currently fixing 15-20 of these per month. Please pop in to the shop or call to find out how much this will cost to get the laptop or PC back up and running. plus there maybe a charge for data recovery and a suitable new anti-virus program.


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