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Computers, where do you start?


Well here at Excel Computer Solutions we make sure what you ask for is what you get. SIMPLE!!


The easiest way forward to buying your new computer system is NOT going to the likes of PC World or Curry's and the likes, it is far too expensive to do that, you are literally paying for the name, and all they want to do is sell you things that you just don't need and you feel pressured into buying.

At Excel we strive to build the perfect pc for you whether it is for home use or strictly for business or even gaming, we have many  satisfied customers who have purchased websites through to full pc builds, some just upgrades or repairs, many of Excel's new customer base come from recommendations.

Most of our customers do not know what they want, but do tell us what they need the computer to do, usually we are just asked to build what we think is best to suit their needs; this has always exceeded their expectations.


All our new computer builds are from top quality and often top name branded parts; all new pc builds come with a 12 month return to base guarantee and any faulty parts will be replaced. (providing the fault is of a natural nature and not abuse) Also overclocking is not allowed within the 12 months warranty.

You tell us if you want just the tower with or without screens, keyboards mice etc.


Please call in to see what is on offer or email us for more information.

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Printers. ONLY 2 left in stock as of 10/03/2021 EPSON XP 3105 - Scanner - Copy - Wifi - Lcd screen - Double sided printing - Inks from me are £29.25 per set (XL SET)

£95.99 (Original xl ink set £66.99)